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Ópera de Busan planta
Ópera de Busan concepto
Ópera de Busan sección
Ópera de Busan planta
Ópera de Busan planta
Ópera de Busan planta

Ópera de Busan 

Arquitectos: Villar Watty Arquitectos

Año: 2013

Área construida: 

Ubicación: Guadalajara, Jalisco,  México



Arquitectos: Gerardo Villar Watty y Alberto Villar Watty

Equipo de diseño:  Paola García, Ekateriana Vázquez, Luis Aurelio Piña, Daniel Villanueva

Colaboradores: Jorge Rivera, Javier Monteón, Saul Cruz, 


This project intends to become not only a place for storytelling and music, but a public space intended for meander and civic participation. As a space for representation, we acknowledge that its historical origins, set within a clearing in the forest- can potentially become the pivotal point for a public building to position

itself in a continuum of tradition, one that recognizes its built past while aiming to be part of a thick and vibrant present with an optimistic future.


The site and project are understood as a built landscape of steel, stone, trees and voids.

Among these voids -clearings- and relationships between elements, columns begin to condensate until the opera is fully surrounded by them. The program is then contained in wooden cores, that react formally to their contained activity.

An irregular, curved core shaped like a seed, contains the main, traditional program for an opera house, where musical performances happen in the heart of the venue and become the essential anchor.

Another core, with a modern-like rectangular mass, holds a theatre that allows several permutations of the representational space and an open air auditorium, both look out into the ocean. They both allow more contemporary pieces of theatre, dance and music.

To hold these elements together, the programs are surrounded by spaces for meander and a shopping strip. Located around the base, as if the masses had been built on top of a geometrical mount, the shopping strip and park surround the building, giving meaning to the whole site and providing the city with a new waterfront park and shopping arcade.

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